Team Captain – NEWS

We love our teams and our challenge is really getting exciting. We’ve added a new fun Team Challenge…. ; But first let’s review a few of our other benefits.

* We love Runners and Walkers!
* We love kids and want them to participate! $10 Registration 13 and under.
* Teams of 15 or over will have their team name on the left sleeve.
* Teams of 30 or over will have a Tent and Sign with the team name
* Award plaques for the 5 fastest teams without regard to gender.
* Awards plaques for the 5 teams with most participants.

Our new team coordinator exudes enthusiasm and it’s infectious. She felt we should have a team component that doesn’t depend on team speed or team size. We loved her idea.

Here it is.

We’re challenging all teams to put together a fun training video. This could be really fun, considering all of our snow “obstacles”. Not looking for Oscar worthy performances, just your team having fun training for the “big day”.

And “TRAINING” is your definition. Whatever represents the spirit of your team.

Here is a training video Effective Student Marketing put together last year. They had a blast putting it together, and we just loved it!

Once you create a video, post it as a public [not private] video on YouTube, include your team name in the title, then send an email about it to Lin at:

The video will be viewed and judged for fun and originality, and we will put links on our website and post them on our Facebook page. All video submissions must be received by Tuesday, March 31 at midnight…We’re sorry we can’t make exceptions.

The WIFM (What’s in it for ME)? Besides bragging rights – A table for 10 at the Run for Our Troops Dinner on April 10 at the Andover Country Club. The video “short” will also be played for all that attend the dinner and used for future promotional purposes.