Our Mission

Mission Statement

We are Run for the Troops MA, D.B.A. as Run for the Troops 5K, a tax exempt 501c(3) not for profit corporation based in Andover MA. We were initially formed to help raise funds so that we could make donations to Homes for our Troops to help them build homes specifically engineered to the specific unique needs of injured soldiers.

We do this by staging a 5K road race and walk in April each year. The race is a focal point of fund raising via the race, a community dinner, silent auction and finding sponsors. The event also helps raise awareness to the needs of our injured soldiers, something the public may forget unless we remind them there is a hard human cost to maintain our freedoms.

Each year once we find out exactly how much profit is made we set aside part of it for a contingency fund and to provide seed money for our next year’s event. This is particularly important as we grow. All the rest has been donated to Homes for our Troops until 2014 when, in addition to our donation to Homes for our Troops; we also made a small donation to a local charity which helps address the needs of soldiers with PTSD issues. That charity is IronStone Farm in Andover MA. IronStone Farm has a horseback riding therapy program specific geared to PTSD issues. We chose Ironstone farm because it is a local organization and so many of our supporters are from the local area.

We added PTSD issues to our scope because we realized that our soldier’s injuries were not just to their bodies and limbs.

We are organized with a small board of directors and a much larger event operations committee. We are all volunteers.

For those who don’t understand the staging of road races, they are not the cash cows that many think they are. Our event like many road races, essentially breaks even on the running/walking part. It shouldn’t surprize anyone that there are significant costs to safely staging a road race that is well managed and is fun for the participants at a level that will cause many of them to return in subsequent years.

The profit, if there is any and so far there has always been a reasonable profit, generally comes from sponsor donations and the generous donations from the general public.

We do not claim that we give all the donations to charities. You may notice that some inexperienced organizations or their overzealous supporters will make public statements that they give 100% or all of their profits, proceed or income to charity. 100% or All is hardly ever true.

There are always expenses in managing any organization of our size as it stages a major annual event. However, rest assured that we do not pay salaries to our management not do any of our management benefit from a business relationship from what we do.

Our 501c(3) tax exempt status is explained HERE