Team Challenge

Members can register* once the team has been added to the team list In our registration system.

There will be prizes for top 3 fastest and top 3 largest teams.
Teams can have both runners and walkers.
Teams of 25 or more will get a tent, team name sign, and team name on shirts.
Teams can prepay and give their members a coupon* which they can use to register.**

NOTE: Friday March 18th is the cut off day for qualifying counts for tents and names on shirts. Folks can still register for teams after that date.
“Coupons” are a registration convenience item and do not signify a discount of any kind. 

** Registration must be done online. We do not accept spreadsheets or lists of runner data for us to key in.

*** If your team qualifies for a tent and/or having the name on your shirts, the name you choose may be too long to fit on the shirt sleeve or on the sign on the tent unless we use a very small font. When you include the word “Team” in the name it will take up space and it’s sort of redundant since the whole team thing is about teams and will be referenced as such in all print and the spoken words at the event.

[Please remember that we are a volunteer managed event who do all this during the rest of our daily lives, and as such have no time or ability to handle alternate methods]